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Curves– New German Magazine Devoted to Dangerous Roads in the Alps

Gorgeous. Stunning. Scary. Inviting. Unique. A new German magazine exclusively devoted to dangerous roads in the Alps is breathtaking, audacious, and visually engrossing. Calling itself a magazine for “Soulful Driving,” Curves has so far  published three issues, with each edition devoted to a particular region: French Alps, Swiss-Italian border, and Italian Alps. Each issue lovingly represents a week-long car journey taken by two friends (one runs an ad agency) on roads snaking through the Alps. No people or other vehicles are shown in the lavish photos. What you do see are serpentine roads angling up mountains, crossing alpine meadows, plunging down vertiginous valleys.  Accompanying the photos are maps and detailed charts. Curves is available in German and English. Its website is a must-see treat as well with slide shows of pages from each issue. Curves proudly states “it’s produced with love and aimed to be read by all who drive, bike or cycle with passion and seek the joy and adventure of the open road. People who are prepared to shake off their shackles and live their exclusive dream. It is a magazine for those for whom already the planning of a journey is an act of celebration. It is designed for the devotees and dreamers who experience the drive in their mind’s eye before even embarking on the real-life adventure.” We couldn’t agree more. Curves.

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